Social and economical impacts

The social and economical impacts for off-grid customers thanks to solar energy are amazing - as an independent study about our work in Philippines shows:



A typical customer saves in average 4,060 PHP (USD 94) per year thanks to the solar lantern. This is mainly due to savings on kerosene. More than 20% of the households save more than 6,000PHP per year thanks to the solar lamp. 7% of the households save more than 10,000 PHP/year.

Additional Revenue

The customers declaring additional working hours at night thanks to the solar lantern earn an additional 17,052 PHP per year in average, which represent 18% of their income. 


97% of the parents think their children are more motivated to read and learn since they work with a solar lantern.

The studying time per child going to school has increased by 45% in average: from 1:19h to 1:53h.


95% of customers have the feeling that using kerosene has improved the quality of the air. The main reasons are the fact that they cough less, the reduction of the black particles in the nose, and the decrease in the walls’ dirtiness. 

Also the solar lamp provides children with a brighter light and prevents them from eye-problems. 


97% feel safer since they have (less burnings, fumes and crime).

Impacts from Solar Home Systems

The installation of solar energy means a fundamental im-provement in every-day life for people in rural areas.


It offers people an opportunity for social development and economic prosperity.


Statements made by users of Solar‐Home‐Systems in Ethiopia: 


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