Solar villages

In order to be able to make a long-term contribution towards alleviating poverty, the Solar Energy Foundation has decided not to provide isolated and scattered schools, health stations or huts with solar energy. Instead, the Solar Energy Foundation pursued a policy of concentrated and comprehensive support to supply entire villages.


The supply of entire villages with solar power.Here households as well as all public buildings (schools, health stations and churches) in all solar villages are provided with solar power. Furthermore, solar water pumps, water disinfection systems and street lamps were also installed. Long-term success was ensured by two factors: on the one hand by local technicians who are on-site and responsible for the maintenance and servicing and on the other hand by a monthly flat rate the inhabitants have to pay and which is collected and administered by the Solar Energy Foundation together with the village administration.


Thus we implement our priority focuses at one location:

Light for Life: Households get a basic electricity supply for light and mobile charging.

Light for Education: Better conditions for studying as well as teaching due to light in classrooms as well as in the households.

Light for Health: A better health supply (efficient emergency care and the supervision of births around the clock, better storage of vaccinations and medicine) as well as better living conditions (reduction of lung and prenatal diseases) as a result of the use of solar light and cooling.



Goal of the solar village concept

With off-grid electrification of a whole village we can show how decentralised solar energy supply initiates and improves economic and social development of a community.


At same time the solar village concept is a help for local solar businesses: For installation, user information and maintenance we are relying on local solar companies. According the concept of solar village all households only get a basic energy supply for subsidized costs. Therefore our partner company is responsible to serve households and small business in order to cover all additional needs.



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With Euro 200 only you can illuminate one rural household. Switch the light on!


Solar villages Uganda

Download here a map of all solar villages in Uganda.

Our solar villages


Barimbate, Kenya

3,500 inhabitants



- Buwagi, Uganda

- Nakibano, Uganda

- Bududa, Uganda

- Rwenjeru, Uganda

500 inhabitants each



- Sironko, Uganda

- Hima, Uganda

- Kinoni, Uganda

- Isukwe, Uganda

- Luwero, Uganda

500 inhabitants each


Kibera (Nairobi), Kenya

600 inhabitants



Kasozi, Uganda

850 inhabitants



Chbar Chros, Cambodia

500 inhabitants


Impact report



Arso Amba, Ethiopia

4.500 inhabitants




Dire, Ethiopia

4.000 inhabitants



Rema, Ethiopia

6.000 inhabitants


Movie (Ashden Award)



Kechemober, Ethiopia

150 inhabitants


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