Light for Education

In most rural schools in Africa and Asia, due to the lack of electricity it is not possible to give classes after sunset (around 18:00). This not only reduces the learning opportunities for children who need to help their parents in the field during the day. It also makes evening classes for adults impossible.  

On the other hand, we can find in many schools very dedicated teachers holding down their job with much zeal and often under difficult conditions. And they encounter highly motivated students. Unlike in many schools in Germany, children in rural areas of developing countries are highly motivated. They know that education is the most important basis in order to even have a chance at a good future.

Sustainable help for self help

With the new idea of a Revolving Fund for schools, we take on the commitment in these schools: each school, carefully selected by us, will receive a solar system to illuminate at least one classroom. The costs including installation and maintenance are 500 Euro.

The school pays the solar system over an agreed period in monthly installments. The incentive for the school: the repaid money is again at the disposal of the school, for example to equip more classrooms with light or to install security lighting. Maintenance and service are permanently ensured by our local partners. 

This way, we do not simply give away solar systems, but take on the commitment of the school and teachers and allow a permanent further development.  

Our Revolving Fund starts in 2016, first in Uganda. Here the first schools with solar lights:

  • Ndejje High School
  • Ndejje Infant Primary School
  • Kind David Primary School
  • Wobulenzi Parents Primary Schools
  • St. Theresa - Nandere Boys' Primary School 


Join us! With 500 Euro you are switching several times the light on - and giving light for education.

Schools with solar light


Kasozi (Uganda)



  • Arso Amba (Ethiopia)
  • Chbar Chros (Cambodia)

2004 - 2014

Number of schools:

  • Ethiopia: 40 
  • Kenya: 3 
  • Philippines: 4 

Light for education

"I have been to school until grade 10. I had to quit school because of my eyes. But after we got solar, I have been able to use my brain more. My brain that had forgotten about school work is now creative... I like to write poems….so at night, I take time to write lots of poems as a way to express my feelings."

Melat Terengo (15), student in Ethiopia

Reading with kerosene lamp
Learning with solar light