Our three goals

1. Light for education

The availability of clean and affordable energy is the basis for any economic, social and community development. And thus, also the basis for the alleviation of economic poverty.  


By means of a specially developed financial offer (Revolving Fund), we make solar power affordable also for poor households.

2. Sustainable jobs

There is hardly something more formative for the future prospects of a person, as the opportunity to build a lucrative livelihood based on their own work. For their own survival and that of their family.

We train solar craftsmen and entrepreneurs, promote their professional development in local solar companies and provide assistance in own business creation.

3. SME support

Solar entrepreneurs create jobs and at the same time through their work, they alleviate the energy poverty in rural areas. Small and medium enterprises are also the driving forces for innovation, employment and social integration.

With our proven dual approach, we implement donor-supported aid projects and use them simultaneously to set-up independent solar companies. Helping people help themselves.


Solar Federation is a world-wide network of social-oriented and profit-oriented organisations working together to achieve the goal of sustainable energy access.