Health Stations

In rural areas basic health and medical care are provided by local health stations. On average 10,000 people receive basic health care in one of these stations. This includes:

  • Preventive healthcare including vaccination
  • Treatment and diagnosis of illnesses
  • First aid in case of an emergency or accident
  • Service for pregnant women and care during labour

The majority of the health stations in rural areas are not provided with reliable electricity and light. Therefore proper and stable medical care is only available to a limited extent.

Major problems due to lack of electricity


  • No treatment facility after sunset (approx. 6 pm)
  • No reliable refrigerating option for medicine and vaccine
  • Inadequate care during pregnancy
  • Insufficient prenatal care, especially during the night
  • No emergency care after sunset
  • Poor accessibility due to lack of charging ports for mobile phones
  • Safety and security problems in the darkness
  • Limited possibility of home visits by staff of health center


Our basic equipment includes:

  • A solar fridge used for storing medicine and vaccine
  • Permanently installed solar lamps for the treatment rooms
  • A solar headlamp for bright direct light
  • Portable solar lamps for potential home visits
  • A fetal doppler for ultrasound application during pregnancy
  • A charging port for mobile phones, doppler and headlamp


"Thanks to Solar Power our Situation has changed significantly...

...In the past I had to close the health stations at around 6 pm. Then we were limited to providing emergency care, only due to the lack of light. At last this is no longer the case. Today more and more pregnant women benefit from our service. Whereas giving birth in their huts each complication involved a big risk, we can provide them with proper care, even in the night, when births mostly tend to happen."

(A Kenyan midwife in one of our supported health stations) 



In preparation: solar fridges and light for 20 health stations in Ethiopia (in cooperation with Rotary Club Mainz).



Solar light and cooling for medecine for health stations in:

- Cambodia (1)

- Kenya (3)

- Ethiopia (10)


2004 - 2015

Ethiopia and Kenya: more than 40 health stations (light and medecine cooling) 


Philippines: Solar light for 74 health stations