Education and development

Solar energy provides people in developing countries:
  • Access to better education
  • Clean water
  • Improved health care
  • Poverty alleviation

To help people to help themselves

We combine social and financial sustainability:
  • We install solar systems in rural areas
  • We provide micro credits
  • We train solar technicians
  • We create sustainable jobs

Get involved!

Already more than 1 million people are benefitting from our work.

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++ Sustainable energy for all: Investing for Energy Access.
by Richenda van Leeuwen
The Energy Access Practitioner Network was launched to help catalyze global work on energy access. This is the first time that the Practitioner Network has documented the investment and other financial support required by the diverse range of entities represented, and reflects a compilation of results from a survey conducted of the Practitioner Network membership in the summer of 2013.

++ What is the strongest driving force for off-grid electrification: light, communication or entertainment?
by Harald Schützeichel
The importance of solar light as a catalyst for rural electrification will probably pale in comparison to television and tablet. The consumer electronics has the right image, it is not primarily marketed under social-ecological points of view and, above all, it generates an immense demand. Happy are the solar companies that rely not only on solar light!

++ Can solar provide energy for 3.2 million households in South Africa?
by Kim Jansen
According to figures released by South Africa’s Department of Energy, around 3.2 million households in rural areas are still without electricity, despite more than 200,000 being connected to the national grid in the 2012/13 financial year complementing 5.7 million connections made in the 1997 to 2011 period.

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